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Kitchen Drains

Dealing with sluggish kitchen and laundry drains make it difficult to perform everyday functions in a modern home.  Here are five ways to help avoid some kitchen drain issues.

  1. Use a wire sink strainer basket to catch food before it goes down the drain and then empty food remnants into the trash; not the garbage disposal.
  2. After pouring dirty dish water or cooking liquids down the drain, squirt a small amount of degreaser dish liquid into the drain. Then, run hot water for three to five minutes.
  3. Put leftover cooking liquids (meat juices, pasta water) into recycled food jars with lids or into doubled plastic baggies and dispose into trash bin.
  4. Before washing dishes, use paper towels to wipe out any leftover food and grease; toss paper into trash.
  5. Purchase and use an enzyme drain cleaner regularly.

Taking these few precautions may not fix major plumbing problems but they certainly help prevent many kitchen drain issues.