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Kay Smith

The Privilege, Lessons from the Heart of a Shepherdess by Kay Smith

I recently received THE PRIVILEGE, LESSONS FROM THE HEART OF A SHEPHERDESS at a church conference. Anxious to read this book and being a fast reader, I had almost finished it by the time we returned home.

Throughout the pages of this book, Kay candidly and honestly shares personal memories and lessons from her many years in ministry.  The reader gets an inside look as she moved beyond her early years in ministry and marriage, to later years as an experienced pastor’s wife, mother, and women’s Bible study leader.  She tackles submission and servanthood from a firm, godly perspective.

I highly recommend this book as a resource for all Christian women; not only pastors’ wives or church ministry workers.  Learning how to approach each day with godly grace is a continual process and necessary as we minister to our families in every role.

May you be blessed and encouraged by this book; gleaning lessons from Kay’s life example in applying God’s word to every situation and relationship.

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