The Refining Fires of Busyness

I am so sorry for the unplanned hiatus this past couple of months. Sometimes the seesaw of life (relationships, roles, unplanned events, and tasks) tips unevenly to one side or the other and seems to stay there awhile. During busy seasons and faced with a decision on where to focus my energies, I often set creative endeavors aside.

No, don’t adjust your monitor. These photos are indeed out of focus and a little distracting. A couple of years ago, the pace of daily life shifted to warp speed. There’s barely time to live in each moment, much less process it. As I click away with my camera, my mind continually processes scenes faster than the camera shutter, and my husband often shakes his head. I have requested that he not delete any blurry photos. Someday I might use those! Sometimes I snap a shot as another writing idea races through my mind. More often than not, I am simply trying to capture the scenes of life flying past.

The busier the schedule gets, the quieter I become. But that quietness on the outside doesn’t always mean stillness on the inside. Internally, there is often a flurry of activity as changes come fast and furious, and I find myself in a continual balancing act. There are times that my flexibility joint has bent as far as it possibly can. But God always shows me that, yes, it can bend some more … if I am willing. He uses these hectic seasons to help me prioritize between the essential and non-essential.

Today, He may use me to bring comfort through a smile or a hug; to listen and cry with a grieving friend over a devastating loss. Tomorrow, my role may be that of a secretary, chauffeur, dishwasher, or grocery shopper. Next week, it could be as homework checker, teacher, or all-around errand-runner; to name only a few. And on most days, the roles collide and blend together. Regardless of the task, I am called to be available; even in the words of my posts.

Yes, there is joy at warp speed … again, if I am willing. Instead of focusing on what isn’t getting done or what’s up ahead, God reminds me of the importance of the tasks He sets before me. He would have me live fully in His moment; not mine. It’s not the speed of life that’s the issue; the problems surface when I take my eyes off of God, even for a second.

I pray that one day, even in the busiest of seasons, a peaceful spirit will reign inside as well as out.

“so that by God’s will I may come to you with joy and be refreshed in your company. May the God of peace be with you all. Amen.” (ESV, Rom. 15:32-33)


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